Selena Bartlett has a wealth of knowledge about resilience and the inner workings of the brain. Her years of experience as a neuroscientist allow her to leverage this knowledge for the layperson. My experience of her presentation that I attended two years ago was to walk away with my eyes open and questions percolating. The information I gleaned has allowed me to continue to look at my life and that of my family’s through a different lens.

– Christine Mattson, Senior Partner, Hilburn, Berkeley, California

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being an inspiration in my adapting new Life Style Behaviours after attending a lecture you gave and reading your book. Your passion and role modelling together with scientific research helped me on my journey to a happy & healthier life. I have used many of your strategies and words of wisdom to assist me with previous unhealthy lifestyle choices. I saw my doctor the other day and the 22 kg weight loss I have had over the last 18 months has seen my pathology return to within normal ranges and most importantly a decrease in my BGL. I am still on this new path but know I will succeed to achieve my goals and make this new lifestyle just that my normal lifestyle and not a series of fad diets that don’t work.

– Joanne Cupples, Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

I had trichotillomania for 35 years. I didn’t know that’s what it was. I didn’t actually pull my hair out, but constantly ‘played’ with it, searching for hairs of certain textures then fiddling with them. This was usually when I was watching TV, reading or driving. When my daughter developed severe mental health disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I discovered that I had a (milder) form of trichotillomania – which happens to be a variant of OCD and anxiety disorder. The trichotillomania was out of control while my daughter was very ill. . My arms were up to my head so much I had arm pain. Professor Selena Bartlett is a dear friend of mine from school days. We re-established contact through social media a few years ago. I haven’t seen her for many years but in a show of support for her amazing and ground breaking work I bought a copy of ‘Miggi Matters’. I didn’t really know what I was buying but that book was a God send. For me the most valuable thing I learnt was recognising that my hair pulling was my way of dealing with stress – my amygdala would go into fight or flight mode and I would pull at my hair. Recognising my hair pulling as a ‘Miggi moment’ helped me re-direct my stress to less harmful behaviours. The tracing was invaluable and if I didn’t have access to pencil and paper I would trace the seams in my clothes. Within four weeks my hair pulling had stopped. I now rarely go to pull my hair and when I do I can say to myself ‘Oh this is a Miggi Moment’ take a few deep breaths and that’s it.


Thank you Selena for never giving up on unravelling the mysteries of our brain and providing user friendly strategies to help eliminate harmful behaviours. I’m awaiting you next book with much anticipation.

– Therese Groen, speech pathologist, Perth, Western Australia.

This book was a game changer for me! – We all “know” what we need to be doing in regards to diet and exercise but Selena explains how to train your brain to work with you not against you and she does this in an easy to read style ….. if you struggle with sugar addiction this book is a must read ………

– Anna Tarraran, Teacher, Education Support, Queensland, Australia.

I would thoroughly recommend the groundbreaking research that focuses on the principles of neuroplasticity to support children to overcome the cognitive and emotional impact of significant disadvantage and trauma by improving their executive function skills. The outcomes for the children and young people on the trial were amazing and to see the way children were able to build their understanding of their own brain function and in turn create new pathways of behaviour was extremely rewarded and exceeded our hopes for the young people.

– Rob Ryan, Managing Director, Key Assets, Australasia region.

Many of our staff have purchased Selena’s book because they now understand the power of the Amygdala and can override automated responses of the brain to improve impulse control. QUT staff attend Selena’s seminars because she is passionate, authentic and possesses the ability to transfer expertise into layperson’s language. Professor Bartlett has, over several years, delivered engaging and innovative seminars to improve literacy about mental health, neurological function and how understanding the brain and body systems can empower choices and behaviours.

– Ms Deborah Ward-Mackay, Senior wellness co-ordinator, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

The underpinning narrative of Professor Bartlett’s work is to revolutionise the way society understands and deals with brain health. Professor Bartlett is a charismatic, engaging and knowledgeable. Complex neurological concepts are communicated to the audience in simple to understand language and examples. Professor Bartlett’s enthusiasm and passion is inspiring. I highly recommend her book.

– Steven Jonsson – Senior Team Leader in Statutory Child Protection Investigations; and Sessional Academic QUT), Brisbane, Australia.

A thoughtful, short and sweet book with strategies that are easy to follow – I loved this book. I really felt the author’s intention to inspire her readers with excellent, real-world examples and insights to help us manage the inevitable stresses that make up our daily lives. I’ve had this book for a few months now — although I’ve been loaning it out to friends who now are experiencing similar positive, life-changing “aha moments.

– By Joss K.

Fantastic easy to read book that outlines the importance of understanding your brain. Would highly recommend it to anyone who needs some guidance in making a change to their life.

– Sheryl Batchelor, Director, Stronger Brains, CEO, Brain Fitness Coaching, Brisbane, Australia.

Yes, it’s not a cliche: you can change your thinking and it will help you to change your life. Thank you, Dr. Selena Bartlett, for explaining to us these invaluable concepts of brain fitness and the neuroplasticity revolution. Truly inspiring. Loved this book- easy read with fun but educational activities!!

– By ADon

Turns out – you have to change your brain to change your life. I had never really thought about how the wiring of my physical brain impacted my impulses, choices and thought patterns. Great to know that I can actually re-wire my brain to change things for the better. It makes so much sense, now that I get it. Very easy to understand language and visuals and simple, daily activities make this book super helpful and truly a way to make positive change in your life. So glad that I found this very approachable and valuable neuroscience.

– Dr. Bartlett. Bymookitabanana

This was a gamechanger for me, how the brain works explained in everyday language by a neuroscientist for everyday people. The simple powerful practical steps have changed my life in how I now slow my mind down to handle stress. I have quietened the ‘Miggi monster’ by training my brain to lock onto positive rather than negative, and understanding negative is the brains natural default- it’s not my fault! Highly recommended.

– Amazon Customer

Great manual for healthy minds and bodies!
This is necessary knowledge for all ages! The book is a quick and easy read, but the lessons are critical to a healthy mind and body. Dr. Bartlett has distilled the core ideas from current research on exercise, diet and neuroplasticity and presented them in a form easily digestible for all ages and backgrounds. I highly recommend it.

– Amazon Customer.

Great book with practical tips for taming everyday stress! A well-written, easy to read book full of practical advice. The idea of having a ‘MiGGi moment’ – and being able to manage them – has had a significant impact on my work and home life. The tracing exercises really work! I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get the upper hand on managing their stress.

– Amazon Customer

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