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We all want a smashing mindset and healthy body. But stress locks down our mindset and makes us fat, unhealthy and unhappy. Learn how to reboot your brain to kick old habits to recharge your body and reinvent your life. This book was written for the average person, in order to understand more about the brain, by a neuroscientist that spent 25 years studying the brain. There are six easy to follow principles with exercises and tips to help you train the brain to reduce stress, have a healthy body and happy life. It all starts with learning how to train the brain to get a smashing mindset.

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“Yes, it's not a cliche: you can change your thinking and it will help you to change your life. Thank you, Dr. Selena Bartlett, for explaining to us these invaluable concepts of brain fitness and the neuroplasticity revolution. Truly inspiring. Loved this book- easy read with fun but educational activities!!”
– By ADon

“With Selena’s help I retrained my brain to over-ride my amygdala which occasionally threatened to ignite my fight and flight response bringing panic before a presentation. I regularly thank and acknowledge Selena in my coaching programs, sharing stories about the brain’s plasticity, power poses and positive affirmations and how understanding these concepts can make you be a better presenter and communicator. Selena explained why and how my home-spun tips and techniques worked by sharing her knowledge of the brain and how it functions.”

– Helen Besly, Managing Director, Rowland, Brisbane, Australia.

“Dr. Bartlett gave me the confidence I needed to make significant changes in my life. Her dedicated efforts as a neuroscientist and firm understanding of how the brain works provided me the link that I had always been searching for – explaining the Whys of so many common diet tips. Armed with a new clear grasp of what I needed to do and how, and with her positive, helpful scientific approach I have been able to move forward with confidence and success. I recommend to anyone wanting change in their life to allow them selves to be guided by the research, teachings and science-based approach Dr. Bartlett provides.”

– Ira Kargel, CEO and President, Gears Bike Shop, Toronto, Canada.

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