Miggi Matters + Trace It To Erase It

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Miggi Matters

How to train your brain to manage stress and trim your body.

She wrote MiGGi Matters as an interactive guide to engage and educate you about the brain, tools to show you how to become aware of MiGGi moments and how to train the brain to respond instead of react to them.

She tells you about the five simple principles she developed to manage stress, reduce sugar and alcohol intake, improve cardiovascular fitness, and trim the body—the why as well as the what to do instead. Written for the average person, specifically around issues concerning addiction, diet, and exercise. The book reflects what she learned in her own quest for a healthier life, and from interviewing real people. This book is not about dieting. As we all know, diets can make us fatter and more stressed.

Trace It To Erase It

Dr. Selena E. Bartlett, Neuroscientist has created an easy to follow guidebook that uses tracing and other fun techniques to help you learn how to tap into BRAINPOWER. The simple act of tracing helps to train the brain to manage stress, break free of old habits to be healthier and happier.

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